thoughts 04.26.2011

Glad Påsk or Happy Easter

The Siknäs Easter Witches going around collecting candy and money.

Here are my super delicious American donut easter muffins made from my very own recipe that tasted even better than mama’s.

and here is a link to my easter egg hunt.

thoughts 03.25.2011

Vasalopp – Töre

Today I raced in the children’s Vasalopp in Töre. I took a shortcut and I got a medal. Then we ate waffles. It was so fun.

thoughts 03.08.2011

lynx 3900 snow speeder

I bought a lynx 3900 snow speeder with papa yesterday. It is really fast and cool. It has a wagon and a light so you can see when you drive into a dark cave. All my friends can come over and ride it with me if they want to.

thoughts 02.09.2011

Me and papa are making a website with all the cool stuff that I like on the internet. It is gonna take a while but it will be super cool when we are finished. I want games, videos, links to site I like, a thing to show us who drives the spaceships that i don’t know who drives them, and an obi wan spaceship to shoot the dark side with.

check back later to see what else I come up with.