thoughts 11.25.2013

thoughts 11.16.2013

Changing the website

Over the next few days I will be working on the website with my papa to update it. The idea is to add new games and pictures and links.


thoughts 02.17.2013

Kalix Downhill Ski Competition

I just finished my first downhill ski race, not too bad since I just started skiing 1 month ago.

thoughts 12.16.2012

Kalix Street Dance

Check out my street dance moves.

Street dance

thoughts 03.18.2012

Swedish Smurf Dance Party

Donna, Farfar and Me had a dance competition last night. Who do you vote for?

thoughts 12.11.2011

Lucia – Siknäs 2011

Lucia, Julmust, saffron buns, sugar bread, santa, and candy. Can’t beat that.

thoughts 12.11.2011

I want one for Christmas

Here I am at my dad’s school practicing to drive the crane. I want one for Christmas!

thoughts 10.24.2011

Electric Banana Band – Kalix

My cousin Tindra and me went with mom and dad to see The Electric Banana Band in Kalix. The show rocked. Trazan and Banana didn’t make it to the show we think they must have gotten each other sick. I went down to dance and take pictures and now my ear hurts. I blame Dad.

My favorite song was maja piraja.

thoughts 08.05.2011

Disney World

Here I am on Space Mountain with Papa and Farfar. It was fun for me and my favorite ride at Disney World. I rode it 3 three times. I pretended that I was Young Obi Wan, Papa was Han Solo, and Farfar was Chewie Chewbacca. Before the ride I meditated like a jedi. I sat in the front because I wanted to fly the space ship. First we went through hyperspace and then flew past a black hole then we went round and round, then up an down several times it was so dark that you could not even see your hands. Chewie Chewbacca was scared because we were going so fast.

A video of space mountain.

thoughts 05.23.2011